Welcome to MINGUS and BIG APPLE

Jazz Spot MINGUS (3rd floor)

Established in 1979

MINGUS a jazz bar.
Whisky, beer, cooktails etc. (and of course soft drinks)
And you can listen to main stream jazz(be bop and more)LPs and CDs.
Mingus has more than 15000 jazz LPs and CDs.
And also has good audio system
(Marantz, Altec etc.)

Entrance fee= \500  drink=\700〜
Jam session fee = \2500(With 1 drink)

We have jam session (players and singers can sit in, play) in the Saturday night (from 20:00) every month.

Multi-purpose-club BIG APPLE

The 2nd floor is BIG APPLE.
A large club which more than 100 people can come in
Having a stage, a dance floor, KARAOKE, PA system, a piano and drums.
You can use these for any kind of parties like DJ-party, dance party, school reunion and more.

1 shot : Entrance fee= \500, 1drink = \500

All you can drink and sing with KARAOKE free. = \2500〜

Rental = \3000〜 per 1person. All you can drink.
You can use all equipment.

5 minites from FUKUSHIMA station

We are open from 19:00 to midnight
(except Sundays).


phone: 024-522-5341

Please try MINGUS and BIG APPLE !